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Sustainable Projects Showcase

Our Role

CSI provides a starting point through its sustainable business showcase. It is dedicated to incubating a group of projects in Cuba, allowing to lead the way by example. The showcase projects are directed to engaging human capital in the island, generating sustainable touristic infrastructure and harnessing ecological agro-industrial potentials.

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CSI Project

Cuban student project, A lo Big Bang, presenting toys made from recycled materials

The Issue

According to the Global Footprint Network and United Nations’ 2014 Human Development Report, in average the countries with a Very High Human Development Index exceed their biocapacity, which corresponds to the required resources from the biosphere to sustain their human activity. On average global human activity has a biocapacity deficit of 0.9 global hectares per capita when compared to the 1.8 global hectares per capita available today on earth. This is a clear indicator that our current development paradigm does not sustain itself and that continuing in the current path puts all prosperity at risk. A solution that delivers a prosperous future for all requires a new technological and business paradigm, making this the most transcendental challenge of our time.

The Opportunity

Cuba is within the select group of 12 nations in the world with a high and very high human development index and an ecological footprint per capita consistent with the planet’s biocapacity. At the same time people in Cuba have the necessity to increase their quality of life, by improving the country’s deteriorated infrastructure and increasing their use of consumer goods. The Cuban nation, strategically located within the region’s emerging market, is determined to become prosperous in a sustainable way. Assisting Cuba in this endeavour provides an exhilarating and rewarding business opportunity, from which all actors involved can benefit from the know-how of deploying state of the art technologies and business practices that can grow emerging markets sustainably. In turn, businesses can gain competitive advantage through sustainable, capital, social and environmental investments aligned with their overall business strategies.

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Sustainable development is at the core of what we do.

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